Download Naruto Senki Mod Ninja Strom 4 Shinobi Legends

 Download Naruto Senki Mod Ninja Strom 4 Shinobi Legends. Naruto is a comic and anime titles with the main character named Naruto. A lot of people who love this anime, from children to adults. Maybe you are one of millions of people this anime lovers. In addition to love watching this anime, not a few of those who likes to play games Naruto android. Certainly there are plenty of naruto game, and here I will share one of them for you.

Naruto Senki is Naruto game for android is released by the Chinese. This game is that you will not find in the Play Store. But do not worry, you can still download it on this blog. There are many characters in this game. Each character has different skills, just like in the anime, but in Senki this time they were modified and its name is Naruto Senki Mod Ninja Storm 4 Shinobi Legends.

 This mod dibuatl by someone who also likes with this game as well as lovers of anime Naruto. He named Rimanysah. In Naruto Senki Mod Ninja Strom 4 Shinobi Legends android are some changes in the characters do. To find out what it has ditubah, you can read below and for more details, you can feel yourself in a way to install it on your android device.

- SageHashirama rep SageJiraiya
- Shisui rep Itachi
- Mei Terumi rep Karin
- Toneri Rep Shikamaru
- Yagura rep ino
- Roshi rep Tsunade
- Guy rep RockLee
- V. Rep. Hidan
- Sasuke Gaiden Rep Neji
- Indra rep hinata
- Ashura rep hiruzen
- Madara Perfect Susanoo rep jugo
- Hagoromo rep kimimaru
- Madara Completed Susanoo rep Choji
- Madara Six Paths rep game suigetsu
- Yahiko Tobirama Rep
- Killer Bee Rep. Orochimaru

Download Naruto Senki Mod Ninja Strom 4 Shinobi Legends

Game Info :
Genre : Action
Size : 67 Mb

Download Naruto Senki Mod Ninja Strom 4 Shinobi Legends

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