Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk Android

 Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk Android. Dragon Nest is a PC MMORPG made by Eydentitty Games and Tencent games are very popular among PC gamers. Now this game is available on android devices. Although this mobile version, but the quality and features will be retained as the NPC, PVC sytem and others.

Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk Android

 Dragon Nest Awake Mobile is currently only available in Chinese in other words, this game still speak Chinese, maybe mid-2017 will be released globally. For those of you who want to play this game you can download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile Apk on this page. In addition you must have an account WeChat or QQ before playing this game.

Five new hand tour features:
1. Shock cool action experience: up to seventy kinds of skills, any combination of convergence, with a gorgeous and fun with the move experience
2. classic drama to reproduce: "Dragon Valley" hand tour will restore inherited the Dragon Valley huge world view and deep history, classic world view, characters, the story will be perfect inheritance and wonderful remodeling.
3. Warm and gorgeous style: warm and beautiful art scene, authentic original tour to restore the art style.
4. Deep player interaction: players in the mobile side will be able to have a rich social experience.
5. Rich system settings.

Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile v1.11.0 Apk

Game Info :
Title : Dragon Nest Awake Mobile
Genre : RPG
Size : 633 Mb
Android: 4.1.1+

Download Dragon Nest Awake Mobile Apk

Dragon Nest Awake Mobile

How to Install Dragon Nest Awake Mobile

Install any application or game apk
Download the app or game apk. Install apk to complete, if not able to install, the likely source is not known yet in select (Settings - Security - Author Unknown). Enjoy.

Install game apk + Data
Download game apk + Data. Install the apk file to completion. Extract the data to SdCard0 / Android / Obb / ... or SdCard0 / Android / Data / ... (if it can not be stored in Obb, try saving Data). Play.

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